If you are technical and manage engineers, learn from and connect with your peers at The 2017 New York Nasdaq CTO Summit.

Whether you're an engineering manager, VPE or CTO, at this full day, single track summit you'll learn the latest tricks other companies are using to successfully build and run engineering teams.

Whether you want to hire smarter, refine your culture, improve your processes, manage more effectively or adopt better engineering practices or architectures, the CTO Summits are designed to help you to learn from top practitioners and to share experiences with your peers.


Tuesday, December 5th 2017

The speakers

This years presenters include the CTOs of Reddit, Meetup.com, Flatiron Health, Vimeo, Ellevest, LaunchDarkly, RainforestQA and the NY Times.

  • chris slowe

    chris slowe

    CTO, Reddit

    Rebuilding reddit.com in React

  • Yvette Pasqua

    Yvette Pasqua

    CTO, Meetup

    Tackling technical debt at scale

  • Edith Harbaugh

    Edith Harbaugh

    CEO, LaunchDarkly

    Software & the art of bicycle maintenance

  • Johnny Austin

    Johnny Austin

    Sr Mgr Tech Fellows Program, Capital One

    Overcoming Organizational Fear

  • Michael Concannon

    Michael Concannon

    CTO, Vimeo

    The sport of optimizing cloud resources

  • nick caldwell

    nick caldwell

    VP Engineering, Reddit

    Triple your team size without losing control

  • lara hogan

    lara hogan

    VP Engineering, Kickstarter

    Mentorship + sponsorship

  • Gil Shklarski

    Gil Shklarski

    CTO, Flatiron Health

    Hacking Alignment: Scaling stress-free decision making

  • mai irie

    mai irie

    Director of Engineering, DoSomething.org

    Crafting your story to connect with the rest of the org

  • rajesh jayaraman

    rajesh jayaraman

    CTO, Ellevest

    Getting the basics right in building FinTech

  • Jess Szmajda

    Jess Szmajda

    CTO, Optoro

    Aligning architectural decisions

  • Nick Rockwell

    Nick Rockwell

    CTO, The New York Times

    The curious state of serverless platforms

  • danilo campos

    danilo campos

    CTO, Vaya Consulting

    Your interviewing is broken — but you can fix it

  • heather rivers

    heather rivers

    Director of Engineering, Mode Analytics

    Lessons from the black box

  • Rebecca Miller-Webster

    Rebecca Miller-Webster

    Director of Engineering, Devmynd

    Frameworks for feedback for managers

  • Russell Smith

    Russell Smith

    CTO, RainforestQA

    Creating a QA strategy

  • Jonathan Moore

    Jonathan Moore

    CEO, Rowdy Orbit

    Criminal Background = Kick Ass Developer

  • Debbie Madden

    Debbie Madden

    CEO, Stride

    Gender diversity in tech hiring

  • randy shoup

    randy shoup

    VP Engineering, StitchFix

    Scaling data - monoliths, migrations, and microservices

  • suvajit gupta

    suvajit gupta

    SVP Engineering, Appian

    Aligning Your Autonomous Teams

The schedule

This years summit is a single track, full day event which will be comprised of 18+ presentations by senior engineering leaders - each 20 minutes in length.

The sponsors

Flatiron School

Flatiron School teaches passionate people how to code, giving them the skills to transform their careers – and the businesses that hire them. As the longest-running coding bootcamp, Flatiron School has launched over 1000 of tomorrow’s technologists, fueling innovation at tech companies across the world, from scrappy startups to enterprise giants. Boasting independently-examined jobs reports and a dynamic curriculum that aligns with shifting market needs, Flatiron School has led the bootcamp industry on student outcomes since opening their doors in 2012. Committed to expanding opportunity and bringing more diverse voices into tech, Flatiron School has developed accessibility initiatives including scholarships and tuition-free fellowship programs for underrepresented groups. In 2015, they brought their flagship Software Engineering Immersive online, opening up their education to those previously left out of the bootcamp model – people holding full-time jobs, parents balancing packed schedules, students hundreds of miles from the nearest tech hub. Now, as part of the WeWork family, Flatiron School plans to expand their online and in-person programs. Explore how you can hire Flatiron School alumni or get involved with the community by sharing your expertise at a Flatiron event by emailing emily@flatironschool.com.


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Kanda Software

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The venue

Hotel Nikko 222 Mason St,
San Francisco CA, United States 94102