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For CTOs, CDOs and Directors/VPs of Software, Platform and Data/Analytics at companies with at least 200 full time employees in product/engineering.
It’s lonely at the top. Business stakeholders often don’t understand the challenges you’re facing and your team expects you to lead them confidently. Good practices for building, aligning and managing engineering orgs change regularly, and it can be hard to keep up with the relentless pace of technological and regulatory changes that might impact your plans while still scaling your org and hitting your delivery milestones. On a more personal note, it can also be hard to find a sustainable pace, avoid burnout and figure out how to manage your career and your impact.
CTO Connection was created by an ex-CTO for other senior engineering leaders so we could:
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We have communities for:

Growth CTOs* - running product/engineering orgs of 50-200

Scale CTOs* - running product/engineering orgs of over 200

CDO’s - the most senior data leader within an org

Directors/VP’s of Software

Directors/VP’s of Platform/DevOps/Ops

Directors/VP’s of Data/Analytics


* “CTO’s” - Up to the two most senior engineering leaders within your organization - even if you're an(S)VP Eng, Head of Engineering or have some other title. Often a CTO and a VPE.

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