About us

At cto connection, we help engineering leaders to connect with and learn from their peers.

Who we're for

If you're technical and manage software developers (or want to learn how to), cto connection is for you. You don't have to be a hardcore developer or manage a large team, but if you can submit and review a pull request and are responsible for directing, leading or managing other software developers (or would like to learn how), we want to help.

What we cover

It’s easy to find the latest information on technical topics. At cto connection, we're curating a group of geeks to talk about the hard parts of building a successful engineering team. Including:

  • Hiring

    How do you hire engineers before you're perceived as a "technology" company? How do you attract development talent if nobody has heard of your startup or if you work for an old-school business? How do you improve the diversity of your team and what benefits does it provide? What are the best interview techniques to weed out weak candidates without annoying top talent?
  • Organization

    What's the best way to structure your engineering organization without falling foul of Conways law? What's the right team size and how do you scale from a team, to teams, to teams of teams?
  • Process

    Kanban? Scrum? Scrumban? How do you manage your product priorities, stakeholder expectations and backlog while balancing visibility with efficiency and keeping technical and innovation debt under control?
  • Management

    How can you build a strong future for both your devs and your organization so you can keep top talent (and keep them engaged) while scaling your organization appropriately?
  • Architecture/technology

    How and when should you move from a monolith to microservices? What's the best way to perform code reviews? When should you throw away working code?
  • Career Development

    What kinds of career opportunities are there for engineering leaders and how do you build the skills and experiences required to develop your ideal career?

What we do

We help engineering leaders to connect with and learn from their peers.

We started by organizing cto summits around the world. We're now rolling out a range of other resources designed to help engineering leaders to become more effective. We provide:

  • CTO summits: Full day, single track summits where you can learn from and network with your peers. Here are our upcoming summits (and our ).
  • Resources: Starting with videos from previous summits and interviews with top engineering leaders, we're building the ultimate collection of resources for engineering leaders.
  • Local Meetups: Local CTO Connection around the world where you can meet in-person with aspiring and experienced engineering leaders. Here are the current locations.

Why we do this

Our founder is a former CTO who started organizing cto summits in 2014 to learn from and connect with other experienced engineering leaders. He also co-founded the New York CTO School to help the next generation of engineering leaders to build their skills and also organizes a number of other CTO Schools around the world.

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