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The premier community
for senior engineering leaders


“To build the premier community for senior engineering leaders”

No one should have to struggle alone to build a high-performance engineering org, so we invite curated groups of senior engineering leaders like you (director through CTO) to connect with and learn from their peers.

You’ll finally be able to pose and resolve your toughest challenges in a supportive, collegiate environment. Our goal is to serve as a lifelong resource and network that helps you to level up your company and your career.

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“A world where every engineering leader has access to all of the answers they need”

The answers are already out there — they’re just not evenly distributed

Your situation might feel unique, but after 400+ presentations at 22 summits, we can honestly say that there are design patterns available for building and managing engineering orgs.

We were founded by a CTO who wanted to build a community where he could connect with and learn from his peers. No vendor pitches, junior devs, recruiters, business stakeholders, or CIOs - just high-quality learning and fearless collaboration with other engineering leaders facing the same challenges as you.

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