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The 2014 Melbourne CTO Summit

Wednesday, December 3rd 2014 The answers are already out there — they’re just not evenly distributed!

If you are technical and manage engineers, learn from and connect with your peers at The 2014 Melbourne CTO Summit.

Whether you want to hire smarter, refine your culture, improve your processes, manage more effectively or adopt better engineering practices or architectures, the CTO Summits are designed to help you to learn from top practitioners and to share experiences with your peers.

The speakers

This years summit includes presentations by senior engineering leaders from Amazon, Oracle, Chef, MYOB, Australia Post,, Accenture and Canva. It also includes Dave Thomas - the founder of the YOW! conferences - giving a special afternoon keynote.

The Schedule

This years summit is a single track, full day event which is comprised of 17 presentations by senior engineering leaders - each 20 minutes in length.