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CTO Connection Online: Trends for technology leaders

Wednesday, November 11th 2020
-> Wednesday, December 9th 2020
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If you are technical and manage engineers, learn from and connect with your peers at CTO Connection Online: Trends for technology leaders.

Whether you want to hire smarter, refine your culture, improve your processes, manage more effectively or adopt better engineering practices or architectures, the CTO Summits are designed to help you to learn from top practitioners and to share experiences with your peers.

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The speakers

The Summits

This summit series is comprised of four weekly summits - every Wednesday at 10am PT/1pm ET. Each summit is just 90 minutes in length but includes between three and four, 15-20 minute talks by senior engineering leaders and a half hour, moderated panel discussion where you can share your questions and get answers tailored to your specific organizations needs.

Previous summits

  • Application security

    Wednesday, November 11th 2020 - 90 minutes

    • Eleanor Saitta, Principal, Systems Structure

      Stacking the deck so your team builds secure by default

    • Poorna Udupi, CTO, Good Money

      AppSec testing at scale

    • Joni Klippert, CEO, StackHawk

      DevOps Works! ...why hasn’t security kept up?

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  • Data science

    Wednesday, November 18th 2020 - 90 minutes

    • Jeff Smith, Senior Research Engineering Manager, Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR)

      Managing research teams

    • Lynn Pausic, Cofounder, Expero

      Five ways to use humans-in-the-loop to improve machine learning accuracy & increase trust

    • Sinan Ozdemir, Director of Data Science, Directly

      Bridging the gap between AI and KPIs

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  • Serverless

    Wednesday, December 2nd 2020 - 90 minutes

    • Nofar Asselman, VP, Epsagon

      Ship more with less by leveraging serverless

    • John Goode, Director of Engineering, TopstepTrader

      Empowering teams with serverless

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  • Low code/no code

    Wednesday, December 9th 2020 - 90 minutes

    • Rebecca Parsons, CTO, ThoughtWorks

      To low code or not to low code

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