Punish heros: building a culture on purpose
Adam Zimman
VP of Platform
"Culture is the result of the behaviors you reward and the behaviors you punish." This is one of my favorite quotes about culture from Jocelyn Goldfien. So, how do you build a culture of trust and safety that encourages growth and learning from failure? This talk with discuss the why such a culture is important, provide some examples of anti-patterns to be mindful of, as well as some recommendations for safe and scaleable best practices.
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How should an ideal organization look like? What approaches can help you to make your organization more efficient? Let's try to find answers together in our Structuring topic. Here we discuss problems of org design/team structure, process (agile/kanban, etc), engineering metrics, knowledge management/documentation.
Peter Bell, Founder & CTO at CTO Connection
Aaron Erickson, Co-Founder & CEO at Orgspace
Belle Walker, Founder at Belleview Consulting
Kit Colbert, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at VMware
Tyler Jewell, Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital
Andrea Goulet, Co-Founder at Corgibytes, LLC
Jeremy Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO at Andela
Bryan Helmkamp, Founder and CEO at Code Climate
Bryan Helmkamp, Founder and CEO at Code Climate

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