Create your effective hybrid culture
Johanna Rothman
Rothman Consulting Group
Johanna Rothman, Owner, Rothman Consulting Group - Recorded for the online CTO Summit on Tuesday February 8th, 2022
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How should an ideal organization look like? What approaches can help you to make your organization more efficient? Let's try to find answers together in our Structuring topic. Here we discuss problems of org design/team structure, process (agile/kanban, etc), engineering metrics, knowledge management/documentation.
Matt Holford, Engineering Director at Etsy
Zach Ozer, VP Engineering at Clubhouse
Andrew Fong, VP of Infrastructure at Dropbox
Rachana Kumar, VP Engineering at Etsy
Jean michel Lemieux, CTO at Shopify
Ryan Neu, Founder at Vendr
Tim Buntel, CPO at CloudZero
Colin Bodell, VP Engineering at Shopify Plus
Abiade Adedoyin, BD Manager at AWS
Katie Womersley, VP Engineering at Buffer
Mike Stahnke, VP Platform at CircleCI

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