Good and bad reasons to reorg
Brian guthrie
Co-Founder and CTO
As VPE at during the fallout from the WeWork implosion, Brian saw first hand some of the challenges in organizing and reorganizing an engineering team. Aaron also engaged in his share of reorg’s as VP Engineering at New Relic and a Senior Director over at Salesforce. In this episode, hear why Aaron and Brian decided to focus on building software designed to manage the human side of the engineering org.
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Peter Bell, Founder & CTO at CTO Connection
Aaron Erickson, Co-Founder & CEO at Orgspace
Belle Walker, Founder at Belleview Consulting
Kit Colbert, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at VMware
Tyler Jewell, Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital
Andrea Goulet, Co-Founder at Corgibytes, LLC
Jeremy Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO at Andela
Bryan Helmkamp, Founder and CEO at Code Climate
Bryan Helmkamp, Founder and CEO at Code Climate

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