Thursday, May 19, 2022 | 08:00 AM - 07:00 PM EDT
360 Madison Ave., New York, NY
The 2022 New York CTO Summit
Connect with, and learn from your peers at the New York CTO Summit
*Participation is limited to CTOs, CDOs, and Directors/VPs of Software, Platform and Data/Analytics in product companies (not dev shops) with at least 200 full time employees in product/engineering
If you are technical and manage engineers, share problems and get answers at The 2022 New York CTO Summit. Whether you want to figure out how to return to the office in a sustainable way, avoid the "great resignation", think through the practicalities of hiring and managing international teams or just learn how to improve your engineering effectiveness using approaches such as DORA metrics, the CTO Summits are designed to help you to learn from top practitioners and to share experiences with your peers. The summit is a single day (8:00 AM -> 7:00 PM), single track summit with 15+ presentations along with plenty of breaks for networking!
Keep up to date with trends
Identify good practices
Strengthen your network
Get inspired and motivated

Building technical teams for agility and resiliency

Teresa Dietrich

Chief Product & Technology Officer, Stack Overflow

Disruption: learn to play both offense and defense

Kit Colbert

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, VMware

All the world’s a staging server: the lifecycle of a feature

Edith Harbaugh

CEO & Cofounder, LaunchDarkly

Engineering culture: quality, velocity, innovation, and fun

Yvette Kanouff

CTO, JC2 Ventures


Colin Bodell

VP of Commercial R&D, Shopify

Using networking as a CTO growth engine

Yvette Pasqua

CTO, Exos

Lessons learned from 7 layoffs in 7 days

Claudius Mbemba

CTO, Spritz (formerly Neu)

How to measure and drive technology team success

Vadim Supitskiy

CTO, Forbes

The secret to CEO and CTO alignment

Bryan Helmkamp

Founder and CEO, Code Climate

Disrupting power

Jeff Casimir

Executive Director, Turing School of Software & Design

Eliminating hero culture

Brianna Mccullough

Infrastructure Program Manager, Google

Finding the metric that matters for your team

Lisa van Gelder

VP Engineering,

Leading through metrics

Andrew Fong

CEO, Prodvana

Why reorgs fail

Aaron Erickson

Co-Founder and CEO, Orgspace

The API of your team

Trace Wax

VP and technical fellow, Artium

DEI do-over

Catherine Miller

VP Research Engineering, Flatiron Health

The most bang for your blockchain: how emerging tech is relevant to your business

Andrew Haines

Global Head of Fintech, iTechArt Group

How to grow your learning culture

Kwame Thomison

VP of Engineering, Teachers pay Teachers

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Summit agenda

"The sessions were high caliber and had a lasting impact on my work this year. As a single-day event in my hometown, it was easy to work into my schedule."

Jennifer Farver
CEO at 8th Light
“The summits bring together industry leaders who are passionate about sharing high-quality, practical knowledge in an environment that fosters valuable networking, learning, and growth.”

Nick Caldwell
former GM of Core Tech @ Twitter

Robert Conrad
CTO at Crunchbase
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