Outsourcing vs. hiring: does it matter?
Wambui Kinya
VP, Partner Engineering
CTOs tend to get hung up on outsourcing as some kind of second-class way of building products. But increasingly, the difference between hiring and outsourcing is really only a matter of who is paying the engineers. The truth is that many of the world’s best developers live outside the U.S. and are looking for opportunities to join great teams and build great products with long-term engagements. This session will talk about how to get the right talent at the right time whether through FTEs or outsourced staffing.
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When scaling your business you frequently arrive at the point where you start to think about outsourcing. Here we are talking about partners vs platforms, what and when to outsource, how to select a partner, managing outsourced projects, build vs buy and vendor management. If you are thinking about outsourcing at the current development stage of your company this topic will become a great asset for you.
Glyn Roberts, CTO of Digital Solutions at iTechArt
Christina Zhong, Director of Engineering at Holland & Barrett
James Smith, CEO & Cofounder at Bugsnag
Rajesh Jayaram, CTO at Ellevest
Qingqing Ouyang, EVP Engineering at OJO Labs
Rohini Pradeep, SVP, Head of Technology and Engineering at Blurb

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