Startup vs. Enterprise - Different Symptoms, Same problems
Thulasi Kethini
Thulasi Kethini, CTO, Shiftgig - Recorded at the Chicago CTO Summit on Tuesday November 12th, 2019
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Here we discuss challenges common for tech companies that have raised venture capital.
Betty Enyonam kuhamor, The Cobalt Partners at
Rudy Rigot, Software Engineering Manager at Kenna Security
Katie Womersley, VP Engineering at Buffer
Sagar Gaikwad, Sr. Engineering Manager at Capital One
Rebecca Miller-webster, at CTO
Beth Andres-beck, Software Engineering Manager at The Long term Stock Exchange
Edith Harbaugh, CEO/Cofounder at LaunchDarkly
Neil Dholakia, CPO/CTO at Keller Williams
Sara ines Calderon, React Native Lead at Musx

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