Exclusive Gathering: Using metrics to empower your teams to do their best work
Dalia Havens
VP of Engineering
On 6/22/2022, Code Climate and CTO Connection hosted an exclusive gathering where Dalia Havens (VP Engineering at Replicated) discussed using metrics to empower your teams to do their best work.
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How should an ideal organization look like? What approaches can help you to make your organization more efficient? Let's try to find answers together in our Structuring topic. Here we discuss problems of org design/team structure, process (agile/kanban, etc), engineering metrics, knowledge management/documentation.
Ashkan Roshanayi, Founder at DataChef - Ex Amazonian at DataChef
Alex Maher, Talent Partner | DE&I Lead at Artium
Colleen Tartow, Director of Engineering at Starburst Data
Emily Nakashima, VP Engineering at Honeycomb.io
Blaga Lund, VP Engineering at Kustomer
Ellen Chisa, Founder in residence at Boldstart Ventures
Rob De feo, Startup Advocate at AWS
Rebecca Parsons, CTO at ThoughtWorks
Dylan Serota, Cofounder & Chief Strategy Officer at Terminal
Courtney Machi, VP Product at Andela
Katie Wilde, VP of Engineering at Buffer

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