Trial by test- optimizing your user research & usability testing
Beverly May
VP UX & Product
GE Healthcare
Digital Transformation by Design- discusses my role at GE as VP UX & Product for last year driving digital transformation from a design-centric standpoint... I gave this talk last year in 20 minutes at CTO Forum in SF, Trial by Test- Optimizing Your User Research & Usability Testing: evaluating the right things, at the right time, using the right user research and usability methods and tools... this would discuss processes and a  framework I developed at GE for my user research team to use to streamline and optimize our user research and testing approaches. Have not given this talk but would like to 3. Design Platforming- Designing & Developing an Award-Winning Enterprise Design System: this would discuss the pathway and learnings we went through at GE when designing, architecting, developing, launching and maintaining our award-winning  I'd also be happy to give all of these at different dates if we can spread them out. I love your events- the caliber of speakers and attendees is always incredible. 
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