The CTOs guide to trends in data analytics
Satish Jayanthi
CTO and Cofounder
If you’re a software engineering leader who has been less focused on the data analytics and data engineering space over the last few years, join me in this week's episode where Satish Jayanthi, CTO and Cofounder at gets me up to speed with the current landscape. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of data warehouses, lakes, and meshes and best practices for persisting and querying against data at scale. It’s not enough to turn you into an expert in data analytics, but at least it may help you to understand what the domain experts are talking about!
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Kurtis Seebaldt, Director of Engineering at Artium
Yuzhao Ni , Director of Engineering at
Emily Nakashima, VP Engineering at
Rob Zuber, CTO at CircleCI
Scott Gerlach, Cofounder & CSO at StackHawk
Ravi Mayuram, CTO at Couchbase
Ismael Peinado, CTO at Toptal
Arunava Bag, CTO (EMEA) at Digitate
Dave Mangot, Principal at Mangoteque
Jean Barmash, Head of Engineering at

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