AppSec testing at scale
Poorna Udupi
Good Money
Every company in this world that has an Internet-connected application needs AppSec testing. Some companies conduct annual penetration tests to meet compliance requirements, some run bug bounty programs to invite continuous scrutiny of their organization, while some may choose to run automated scans. Instead of an ad hoc and reactive approach, organizations must adopt a scaleable approach to AppSec that spans all code and applications - those accessible internally as well as externally, across application lifecycles from development to production. In this talk, we discuss the learnings from building a holistic and comprehensive AppSec program involving people, processes and technology. We will describe a risk-based continuous testing framework to determine the scope and sequence of activities. We will discuss a metrics framework used to measure the efficacy of the AppSec Process, the AppSec metrics, and the SDLC metrics to track progress over time.
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Kurtis Seebaldt, Director of Engineering at Artium
Yuzhao Ni , Director of Engineering at
Emily Nakashima, VP Engineering at
Rob Zuber, CTO at CircleCI
Scott Gerlach, Cofounder & CSO at StackHawk
Ravi Mayuram, CTO at Couchbase
Ismael Peinado, CTO at Toptal
Arunava Bag, CTO (EMEA) at Digitate
Satish Jayanthi, CTO and Cofounder at
Dave Mangot, Principal at Mangoteque

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