Technical due diligence, what investors really care about
Jason Mongue
Founder & Tech Diligence Principal
The Clover Group
At some point in your career, you'll walk into work one morning and, with little warning, find yourself in tech diligence. For two weeks, you'll drop everything and try your best to prepare for the diligence conference. How did this happen? What is a term sheet and why do I care? Why are they asking all these seemingly random questions about my team or tech stack or process? What do the investors really care about? This talk answers those questions and gives you a few sneaky tricks to pull out and impress during diligence.
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Kurtis Seebaldt, Director of Engineering at Artium
Yuzhao Ni , Director of Engineering at
Emily Nakashima, VP Engineering at
Rob Zuber, CTO at CircleCI
Scott Gerlach, Cofounder & CSO at StackHawk
Ravi Mayuram, CTO at Couchbase
Ismael Peinado, CTO at Toptal
Arunava Bag, CTO (EMEA) at Digitate
Satish Jayanthi, CTO and Cofounder at
Dave Mangot, Principal at Mangoteque

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