Cohesive hybrid (in-house + outsourced) teams
Rajesh Jayaram
Outsourcing development work to domestic, offshore or nearshore teams tends to be a fraught decision. How will your full-time engineers take to the decision? Will the quality of work from the outsourced team be good? Will we go faster or slower? Will there be a lot of finger-pointing? Is it all worth it? This talk will uncover and cover many of these contentious questions and how to navigate building cohesive development teams that span employees and contractors.
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When scaling your business you frequently arrive at the point where you start to think about outsourcing. In this community we are talking about partners vs platforms, what and when to outsource, how to select a partner, managing outsourced projects, build vs buy and vendor management. If you are thinking about outsourcing at the current development stage of your company this community will become a great asset for you.
Glyn Roberts, CTO of Digital Solutions at iTechArt
Christina Zhong, Director of Engineering at Holland & Barrett
Qingqing Ouyang, EVP Engineering at OJO Labs
Wambui Kinya, VP, Partner Engineering at Andela

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