How data is creating inroads for black talent in tech
Michael Ellison
Founder and CEO
Recruiting systems inside tech companies systematically discount Black applicants’ skills, education, and work experience. Black engineering talent is out there, but the proxies companies rely on—degrees from prestigious schools to referrals from engineers—keep most from even getting a foot in the door. Michael Ellison, Founder and CEO, Recorded for the online CTO Summit on Wednesday October 14th, 2020 on "Filling the pipeline" - New tools are hacking that system by marrying technical training with data-based processes that match recruiters with applicants who closely fit their hiring needs. At CodePath, for example, our free software engineering courses put students into a “hacker rank,” based on months of performance data. We train all our students on how to translate their skills into a strong technical interview. Then, we interview recruiters at dozens of companies to find out exactly what they want from new hires and match them with students who closely fit their needs. It’s a powerful approach: last year, Black students who participated were about 4X more likely to land a tech job than the national average.
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Jason Wodicka, Staff Software Engineer at Karat
Jason Wodicka, Staff Software Engineer at Karat
Adam Zimman, Strategic Advisor at Investor
Hilary Mason, Co-Founder & CEO at Hidden Door
Matt Stephenson , CEO & Co-founder at Code2College
Francisco Larrain, Co-founder & CTO at Topsort
Yvette Pasqua, CTO at Exos
Lisa van Gelder, VP Engineering at
Jossie Haines, VP Software Engineering & Head of DE&I at Tile
Rebecca Parsons, CTO at ThoughtWorks
Adam Zimman, Strategic Advisor at LaunchDarkly
Gary Davis, Diversity Talent Acquisition Lead, Digital Media at Adobe

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